• Crane Mounted Fume Enclosure
    Crane Mounted Fume Enclosure

    Corrotech Crane Mounted Enclosure is suspended from bridge crane for “Cross Shop” layout.

    The Fume Enclosure is designed with following features
    • Easy accessibility for skimming / maintenance.
    • Efficient, Uniform, lateral extraction.
    • Cleaning windows with tempered glass are provided for zinc removal.
    • Designed for Galvanizing Environment.
    Benefits of Corrotech Fume Enclosures
    • Captures more than 90% of zinc fumes
    • Easy accessibility for skimming zinc ash
    • Uniform efficient extraction
    • Pneumatically and hoist operated doors
    • Splash-proof
    • Push Button Controls for all doors
    • Heavy duty construction.
    • Coated with acid resistant high quality epoxy paint suitable for the galvanizing environment.
  • “Excellence & Efficency Built Into Every Design”

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