• Kettle Cover

    Insulated Kettle Cover
    Insulated Kettle Cover
    The zinc kettle is covered during idling time that offers high fuel and zinc savings. The salient features of the kettle covers are as below
    • The cover is spread over the length and width of the casing that ensure negligible heat loss through the open area of zinc kettle.
    • It is sufficiently insulated using high density ceramic blankets and mineral wool.
    • The structure is designed to ensure minimum distortion and bulging from excessive heating.
    • Single piece structure with 2 lifting points for easy and quick placement of covers, even during breaks in the shifts.
    • Coated with heat resistant paint for longer life. The paint shall generally be of Aluminum color. The exterior surface shall be given a coat of suitable priming paint followed by two coats of finishing paint applied in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the particular paint.

    Dross Shovel

    Dross Shovel
    Due to iron/zinc alloy phases floating off during the galvanizing process and the reaction with the kettle wall, dross accumulates in the course of time and gradually deposits on the bottom of the kettle. The dross must be removed from the molten zinc from time to time by using a dross shovel to maintain the initial operating volume of the galvanizing kettle. Corrotech offers Dross Shovel for removal of dross from the galvanizing kettle. The dross shovel removes the dross deposited on the corners of the kettle thus increasing the life of the kettle.
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