• Flux Regeneration System
    Flux Regeneration System

    Corrotech Flux Cleaning System minimizes the transfer of iron from the flux bath to the molten zinc. This greatly reduces zinc consumption, since 1 part of iron, which dissolves into the zinc bath reacts with 25 parts of zinc, to form Dross. The process in the flux system has the added advantage of damping the reaction between iron and zinc which ensures low iron transfer from the work piece to the molten zinc.

    Corrotech recycling and regenerating fluxing plant is designed to keep the iron content in the fluxing solution under close control and at the same time the value of the pH of the solution. The iron concentration is maintained at a continuous level of less than 5g per litre of flux solution.

    The fluxing solution is kept in a closed circuit recycling unit where adding hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, the iron is separated as sludge. The fluxing tank solution is cleared through a sequence of oxidizing tank, neutralizing tank, sludge settling tank and filter press after which the clear flux is sent back to the fluxing tank.

    Advantages of Corrotech Flux Regeneration System
    • Lowers Zinc Consumption
    • Reduces flux consumption
    • Less iron is carried to the galvanizing bath, and the amount of iron-zinc created is reduced
    • Less zinc ash generation
    • Less rework and rejection in the galvanized parts
    • Better mobility of molten zinc
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Saves energy
    Design Features
    • Designed specifically for flux tanks with double/triple salt.
    • Compact size and easily transportable.
    • Pre-assembled system. It is delivered ready to be connected to the flux tanks, compressed air and electricity.
    • Less sludge generation.
    • Simple design and easy to operate.
    • Automation is up to the extent of customer needs.
    • Highly efficient.
    • Delivers the best performance of fluxing.
    • The flux tank is always kept clean, free from any sediment or suspension and at the right pH, just like a new tank.
    • Minimal maintenance.
  • “Excellence & Efficency Built Into Every Design”

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