• Fume Enclosures
    Corrotech Zinc Fume Enclosure is fabricated using good quality heavy metal sheet that is mounted on the casing of the galvanizing furnace. During the fabrication of the casings, the connected base plates are welded over the top of the casing on which the fume enclosure is welded directly. The fume enclosure designed for its easy removal during the replacement of kettles in the future. The enclosure hood is fitted with side doors with windows that are electrically operated using hoists for its vertical movement. The entry and exit of the loaded rack is through the end doors of the enclosure. The entry side end door is operated with pneumatic cylinders located at the top of the roof of the enclosure. The operator can open & close the door using push button station at a sufficient distance from the floor. The fume enclosure box is provided with lights mounted on the roof of the enclosure. The viewing windows have toughened glass fixed over a steel frame that is hinged with the enclosure. For safety, the side window movement is stopped using a grab wire installed over the length of the kettle. In case of any obstruction while lowering of the side windows, the grab wire shall disconnect the power to avoid any possible accident or collision. The extraction duct is provided on the roof on one of the sides of the fume enclosure that joins with the fixed duct connecting to the cyclone and scrubber. The vertical movement of the side doors is operated with hoists and controlled using rotary limit switches. The roof is equipped with sodium vapor lamps for visibility of kettle during dipping operation.
    Fixed Fume Enclosure – “In Line Shop” Layout
    Crane Mounted Enclosure – “Cross Shop” Layout
    The Fume Enclosure is designed with following features
    • Easy accessibility for skimming / maintenance.
    • Efficient, Uniform, lateral extraction.
    • Cleaning windows with tempered glass are provided for zinc removal.
    • Designed for Galvanizing Environment.
    Benefits of Corrotech Fume Enclosures
    • Captures more than 90% of zinc fumes
    • Easy accessibility for skimming zinc ash
    • Uniform efficient extraction
    • Pneumatically and hoist operated doors
    • Splash-proof
    • Push Button Controls for all doors
    • Heavy duty construction.
    • Coated with acid resistant high quality epoxy paint suitable for the galvanizing environment.
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