• Pulse Fired High Velocity Furnace
    Galvanizing Furnace

    Corrotech designs highly efficient and reliable Pulse Fired High Velocity galvanizing furnace. The furnace is equipped with High Velocity burners, safety valves, pressure controls, and temperature controls, kettle supports are imported from the US, UK, Germany, Italy and other European countries.

    We make the furnace using high quality mild steel rolled sections. Qualified and skilled engineers assemble the control pipe trains meet the best performance and aesthetics. The casing is thickly insulated using international quality ceramic fibers and modules.

    Corrotech designs and delivers PULSE FIRED HIGH VELOCITY FURNACE that offers
    • reduced zinc consumption
    • low Ash and Dross Formation
    • significant process
    • productivity benefits
    • fuel savings
    • long Kettle Life
    • low in maintenance
    • improved temperature uniformity
    • lower NOx emissions
    • improved turn-down

    Pulse firing controls thermal input by cycling burners from high to low or high-off to meet the zinc required heat demand. An air balancing valve is installed at each burner with adjustable minimum and maximum settings. Low fire is set by a bypass in or around the pulse regulator

    The key benefits of Pulse Firing are
    • Low Fuel Consumption

      Pulse firing operates burners close to ratio at their most efficient firing setting (high fire) creating ideal operating conditions that result in maximum heat transfer with minimal fuel input.

    • Uniform temperature distribution

      High velocity burners produce maximum heat transfer to the load within the furnace chamber.

    • High Productivity

      Pulse firing utilizes the system’s burners at their most efficient firing rates – transferring maximum energy to the furnace load in the least amount of time.

    • Lower Emissions

      NOx emissions are minimized as the high velocity flame entrains the maximum amount of furnace gases for more complete mixing and lower peak flame temperatures.

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