• Recirculating Air Drier
    Recirculating Air Drier

    Corrotech hot air dryer is integrated with the galvanizing furnace designed to pre-heat the structural steel by re-circulating the exhaust flue gases generated out of the furnace. The hot air is used for complete drying and preheating of the steel to be hot dipped, to allow faster reaction and in the molten zinc thereby reducing fuel consumption and loss of zinc due to spurting.

    There are many factors that differentiate our design and manufacture of a quality industrial hot air oven from a poor quality or low end system including:

    • proper airflow
    • use of properly temperature rated components,
    • proper sizing of air recirculation (to get a reasonable air velocity and number of air changes per minute) and burner components,
    • a powered exhaust system,
    • use of dryer material and for energy efficiency and longevity,
    • oven workmanship and complete solution, and
    • detailed operation and maintenance manual documentation with preventative maintenance recommendations to name a few.

    The efficient drying and preheating is achieved by the huge air volume recycled within the drying chamber using a large centrifugal blower, so that the huge hot air flow blows over the items uniformly, and provides a quick and efficient drying without using very high temperatures. The necessary hot air is produced by re-circulating the exhaust flue gases generated out of the furnace.

    The oven is operated with a single or two door system equipped with a motorized cranage moving over the rail mounted on the periphery of the oven wall.

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