• Top Heat Ceramic Bath
    Top Heat Ceramic Bath

    High temperature galvanizing is used for galvanizing small components such as fasteners, threaded bolts, nails and brackets. High temperature galvanizing gives uniform and controllable coatings, also to silicon and aluminum killed steels..

    The ceramic tank is made of special refractory and insulating bricks and is assembled on site. The molten zinc does not form a chemical composition with refractory materials, as it does by formation of zinc ferrite with iron in a steel kettle, prevents the inconvenience and high cost of kettle changes. Its major advantage over a steel tank is that it is not attacked by the liquid zinc (at 460 – 500°C), giving a theoretically infinite lifetime.

    The long life of ceramic lined galvanizing baths of Corrotech design, proves that any possibilities of zinc leakage or zinc penetration through the refractory lining due to thermal expansions and high hydraulic pressure, has been eliminated, even at high temperature galvanizing.

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