• Zinc Fume Extraction System
    Zinc Fume Extraction System
    It is apparent that fumes are discharged with opacity in excess of that allowed by air pollution control rules. The fumes are hazardous for health if inhaled. Continued exposure to even very small amount of fumes may cause serious health problems such as asthma attacks or other respiratory diseases. Corrotech designs high performance fume extraction systems that help to
    • Fulfil the requirements of pollution control board, OSHA and other Health & Safety regulations
    • Reduce product contamination
    • Provide clear air and better working environment.
    • Reduce the cost and time to cleaning shop floor equipment.
    • Avoid health problems among the operators and workmen.
    • Reduce downtime.
    Corrotech is a leader in manufacturing and supply of Zinc Fume Extraction system for hot dip galvanizing plants. Corrotech Design Corrotech is a leader in manufacturing and supply of Zinc Fume Extraction system for hot dip galvanizing plants. Dipping of steel parts in molten zinc generates fine particles of zinc oxide and emits ammonium chloride. Corrotech provides with extraction systems to remove these compounds emitted out of the galvanizing baths. Corrotech Zinc Fume Extraction consists of a fume extraction hood attached to a dust collecting cyclone. The heavy ash particles in the zinc fumes settle at the bottom of the cyclone. The cyclone is further connected to a wet scrubber where the zinc fumes are cleaned and exits to the atmosphere through a stack.
    Zinc fumes are extracted using three different methods
    • Lip Type Fume Extraction
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    • Fixed Fume Enclosure
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    • Crane Mounted Enclosure
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    Dust Collecting Cyclone

    Dust Collecting Cyclone
    Dust Collecting Cyclone
    The zinc fumes are extracted and passed through a dust collecting cyclone. Corrotech designs dust collection cyclones that are simple tanks with no moving parts and are used for dust separation. The cyclone consists of an air inlet, an outer cylinder, an air outlet, and cone with dust chute that connects to a collection bin with flex hose. The zinc fumes come in through an inlet and spins quickly around. This spinning throws the heavier particles outward to the cyclone walls. Airflow on the cyclone walls is slowed by friction. The ash particles get trapped in the slower moving air then gravity pulls them down. As the fumes continue to spin it slows and drops downward. The cone on the bottom of the cyclone forces that slowing fumes to keep the particles pressed tightly to the walls. Those particles continue to slide downward and eventually exit out a dust chute into the collection bin. The dust chute is sealed tightly to the bottom of the cyclone with no air leaks to stir up the collected dust. At a certain place inside the cyclone called a neutral point, the spinning clean air reverses direction and comes up through the center of the cyclone then exits through the cyclone outlet.

    Zinc Fume Wet Scrubber

    Zinc Fume Wet Scrubber
    Corrotech Fume Wet Scrubber offers excellent air pollution control, removing toxic/acidic fumes from the exhaust air stream before it is passed into the atmosphere. Fume scrubbers are designed to absorb toxic particles from the air streams using water to scrub the air. Contaminated acid fumes flow through a specially designed packing media that is wetted with re-circulated liquid. The liquid solvent absorbs the fume pollutant by physical or chemical means. A blow down from the tank with the makeup water addition removes contaminant products before they precipitate.
    The wet scrubbers are constructed using
    • Polypropylene (PP)
    • Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
    • Wet spray system to remove solid toxic particles
    • Second stage mist eliminator to remove moisture prior to exhaust discharge
    • Corrosion resistant construction for particulate, gas or acid removal
    • Mount above or in line with fume extraction ducts
    Advantages of Corrotech Wet Scrubber include:
    • Low capital cost
    • Low running cost
    • Low maintenance requirements
    • Environmentally friendly. The system does not generate any additional emissions that could be harmful to the environment.
    • The moving parts in the fan, draws the air through the unit and the pump, which re-circulates the scrubbing medium.

    Bag Filters

    bag filters manufacturer
    Bag Filters
    Bag Filters
    Corrotech supplies most advanced industrial bag filters that are used in the Zinc Fume Extraction system. The zinc fumes enter uniformly by the side distribution chamber from the bottom, where heavier particles drop immediately into the hopper. Lighter particles rise and are collected on the outer side of the tubular bags while clean air passes through the fabric and is collected to the fan by the filter top plenum and outlet side chamber. Bag cleaning is automatic by means of compressed air emitted by solenoid valves. Solenoid valves periodically emit a burst of compressed air into the bags. This pulse of air rapidly expanding down into the filter bags sets up a shock wave, which flexes the felt. Dislodged dust drops into the hopper, where it is discharged. The cleaning cycle is automatically repeated by an adjustable timer. The bag filter unit consists
    • Series of suction ducts with lateral slot suction hoods, located along the pickling tanks walls and under the walking grids, Polypropylene made
    • Main ducts connecting the previous suction ducts to the fans, Polypropylene made
    • Electric driven fan, Centrifugal and acid proof type
    • Turbulent contact scrubber for hydrochloric acid gas neutralization, Polypropylene made. In this scrubber the packing consists of two beds of low density spheres, free to move between upper and lower retaining grids.
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