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As you decide to setup a galvanizing factory, the most important factors that account the success are flawless design, product quality, cost effective, robust setup, proper installation, and impeccable commissioning. Corrotech, a leading supplier of galvanizing plants, provides turnkey galvanizing plants that guarantee great performance, productivity, and efficiency. Starting from scratch by providing a customized design to commissioning, we get along with you in the process to set a high-performance galvanizing plant.

The pickling Process Tank is designed for the metal treatment process, an integral part of the Hot-Dip Galvanization Process, Powder coating process, and electroplating process. It is also commonly known as a surface treatment plant. By removing the superficial impurities from the metal, Pickling Plant Equipment prepares the metal (iron and steel) for the next stage. Since Pickling Process Tank involves the use of an acidic solution known as pickle liquor for the surface treatment of iron and steel-made products.

The steel-made products are immersed in a bath of pickle liquor (Hydrogen Chloride Acid, Sulfuric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, and Nitric acid), to remove the impurities from the surface of the steel or iron-made items. Given the use of the Pickle Tank Processing Plant, it has to meet certain quality standards.

Pickling Tank and Plant

Salient features of a quality-driven Pickling Process Tanks 

Arvind Corrotech, a prominent Pickling Tank Manufacturer supplies, and exports the premium quality Pickling Process Tanks identified with numerous salient features, including:

  • Sturdy Design
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Withstands harsh weather environments
  • Leak-proof
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Less maintenance

The Pickle Tank Manufacturing Plant is ideally manufactured for the surface treatment of mild steel, stainless steel coils, bars, pipes, and many more.

Custom-made Pickling Tank   

Arvind Corrotech, a leading Pickle Tank Processing Plant Manufacturer with a modern manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, India holds the expertise to deliver Custom-made Pickle Tank Process Plant, Anodizing Tanks, Plant, and many more.


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