Corrotech specializes in all aspects of hot dip galvanizing starting from Feasibility Study to Basic Engineering and working support, dedicated to delivering projects and partnerships that exceed client expectations. We offer industry-leading consulting, engineering, project management, construction management, regulatory compliance, and environmental ability for our valued clients in the galvanizing industry who need to set up the plant on turnkey basis. The clients who are new to galvanizing industry also get benefited from our extensive knowledge and experience in this field. We follow a professional approach in providing project consultancy with knowledge and experience in setting up a complete hot dip galvanizing plant. The design and consultancy program include the supporting environment and necessary leadership that enables projects and programs to accelerate implementing the company’s strategy and how the business results could be achieved. We help our clients to meet industry-recognized best practices and help them focus on opportunities that will drive improvements in their business performance and results. Since we had worked with a broad array of many plant set ups, we encourage our clients to explore options unknown to them and then help select the most promising option to start.
Design & Engineering Consultancy We follow a systematic approach towards meeting the on time execution of the project and work within tight budgetary controls.
Project Consultant for Galvanizing
Who Can Benefit Few of the key industries that widely use galvanizing process can benefit from our consultancy are listed below
  • Transmission Line Towers
  • Railway Electrification
  • Substation Structures
  • Structure Galvanizing
  • Fasteners Galvanizing
  • Rural Electrification
  • Pipe Galvanizing
  • Wire Galvanizing
  • Solar Structure Galvanizing