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Corrotech employs state-of-art Butt Fusion technology to design tanks with a unique ‘fold bend’ construction which is support by external reinforcements and specialized coatings. Leveraging our domain experience, our team design reliable, durable, and easy to maintain tanks that provide extraordinary performance.

Process Tank

Structure Galvanizing Plant

Fabricated using premium quality Polypropylene procured from the most reliable and reputed vendors, Corrotech designs premium process tanks which includes a range of pretreatment and posttreatment tanks that are customized to be functional for different structures.

Pickling Plants

Corrotech offers robust degreasing and pickling tanks that are customized as per the chemical concentration. The design of our pickling tanks features inbuilt suction ductsonthe sides and endsof the tank so that it sucks acidic fumes and make your plant environment safe.

Process Tank
Process Tank

Wire Galvanizing Plant

Corrotech specializes in providing process tanks for wire industries. We provide high-end, functional tanks for coil batch as well as inline wire pickling processes. For inline wire pickling, we provide fumeless pickling tanks that have a proven track record of being a revolutionary innovation.

Pipe Galvanizing Plant

Corrotech designs process tanks for pipe industries using the latest Butt Fusion German technology as per the DVS standards. Our process tanks for pipe industries has homogenous joints for the long life of the material and we provide additional ribs, spreader, and special end wall protection in our design.

Process Tank
Process Tank

Tube Galvanizing Plant

Corrotech has a big name in the industry for supplying world-class process tanks to leading brands in the tube industry. We provide robust process tanks that can be customized in aspects like air agitation, spreaders, and continuous liquid flow from inside the tubes for greater process efficiency.

Electroplating Plant

Electroplating plants at Corrotech are custom-built to suit the unique needs of the customers. We provide efficient electroplating plants for various plating materials.

Phosphating Plant

Corrotech provides customized phosphating tanks as per the unique industrial requirement to aid effective phosphating results.

Powder Coating Plant

Corrotech employs state-of-art technology to design power coating tanks that are efficient, durable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain.

Anodizing Plant

Corrotech provides specialized anodizing plants which involve required equipment for acid baths and electrolysis for the pre- and post-treatment needs.


Small Parts Galvanizing

Leveraging our in-house CNC facility, we design perforated buckets for galvanizing small parts and ensure higher production with the best quality.

Fasteners Galvanizing

We design fasteners galvanizing tanks for galvanizing small equipment like fastenersand other threaded parts.Our design ensures higher production while maintaining galvanizing efficiency.

ETP Process Tank

We design specialized tanks for the ETP process and could customize highly durable connections at the desired locations for optimum use.


Tank Accessories

Tank accessories complete the purpose of tanks. We provide a wide range of tank accessories which includes level indicators, jig resting, bundle breakers, inside attachments, and tank sliding covers.

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