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What are Zinc Fume Enclosures and how are they important for industries

In this blog, we are going to focus on zinc fume enclosures. It is also called a white fume capture and abatement system.

White fumes that are discharged by the immersion of steel in the kettle filled with molten zinc during the process of galvanization are hazardous in nature if inhaled. Also, it causes environmental pollution, breaking the pollution control rules, as it is discharged in excess. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to equip every hot-dip galvanizing plant with a proper white fume capture and abatement system.

In the ensuing section, we are going to cover a few important subjects related to the critical subject.

Premium quality high-performance white fume enclosure system provides almost 100 percent efficiency for fume abatement.

Efficient fume extraction

With quality-driven designed enclosures, the fume escape is limited to its absolute minimum. The enclosure is connected with a dust collecting cyclone which is further connected with a wet scrubber or a bag filter where fumes are cleaned for efficient filtering before it exits into the atmosphere. This is a classic example of efficient fume extraction.

Major types of Zinc Fume Enclosures

Continued technological advancements are helping zinc fume enclosures manufacturers to come out with a modern efficient fume extraction system. Primarily it is of two types:

  • Fixed fume enclosure over the furnace
  • Crane mounted enclosure

How to select the perfect fit for your corrosion technology unit?

Which design will fit your requirement? It primarily depends on the type of equipment layout.    

Leading zinc fume enclosures manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India design the enclosure system with utmost excellence, keeping the safety factor in mind. Both the enclosure systems have sliding doors and side windows for quick and easy ash skimming, ensuring workers’ safety against falls and splashes.

The fume enclosure system allows you to stay in compliance with the requirements of the pollution control board, industrial safety, and health regulations.

Salient features of an efficient fume extraction system

  • Pneumatically and hoist operated doors
  • Splash-proof
  • Easy accessibility for skimming zinc ash
  • Viewing windows having toughened glass fixed over a steel frame
  • Easy to remove the kettle
  • The extraction duct is placed on the roof and connected with the bag filter, cyclone, and scrubber
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Durable


Let’s now shift towards another vital subject related to this industry-centric blog, the benefits. How does an efficient fume extraction benefit the industry? Here is the list of benefits identified with a premium quality Zinc Fume Enclosures:

  • Increased shed life by eliminating fumes
  • Improved visibility on the shop floor
  • Eliminates safety and health risks due to the hazardous fumes
  • Eliminates accidents of serious nature in event of zinc splash


The quality-driven zinc fume enclosures lower zinc and fuel consumption. With lower zinc and fuel consumption, companies save money. Cost-saving is directly proportional to revenue. Therefore, it is imperative to buy the product from leading manufacturers. Never settle for less. Quality doesn’t come cheap. It’s worth investing in a quality-driven plant, businesses are bound to reap fruits.


Keeping in view the significance of an efficient fume extraction system, the majority of companies are integrating it into their manufacturing process. If you are looking for an efficient fume extraction system, don’t go further. End your search with Arvind Corrotech.

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