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How to control pollution in a galvanization setup?

In this manufacturing industry centric blog, we will expand knowledge of readers about pollution control equipment, its benefits and how the equipment’s are helping in saving environment.

The hot dip galvanizing operation has assumed enormous significance in this fast-paced world. Socio-economic development has necessitated its use in numerous ways.

As we move forward, it makes sense to learn the basics about hot dip galvanization. Subsequently, it will be easy to understand the subject.


Learning about hot dip galvanization 

Simply put, it is a scientific process of applying a coating of zinc over an iron/steel-made item by immersing it in the molten lava of zinc. As a result, the object becomes robust, durable, and resistant to harsh weather conditions. In a nutshell, the process protects the steel from corrosion.

Pollution during galvanization   

During the process of galvanization, effluents are generated from the bathing, washing, and cooling processes. Therefore, it makes sense to use quality-driven pollution control equipment to save the environment from getting polluted. Also, at the same time saves employees working in galvanization factories from hazardous diseases   As a result, we human beings can breathe fresh air.

Pollution control device 

Leading companies into galvanization employ a wide range of machines, tools, and equipment with the aim to control pollution, and save the environment. A few prominent air pollution control systems deployed in a galvanization setup are:

Understanding the Acid Fume Extraction System    

This mechanized system is designed to absorb the acidic and toxic fumes that generate from the pickling tanks. As a result, toxic fumes are prevented from spreading on the floor. Subsequently, the environment and human health is also saved.


You would appreciate the benefits of this brilliant product.

  • Minimizes risk to health
  • Increases the life of roof structure
  • Improved life of cranes and other machines and tools
  • Saves environment from unpleasant odor

The quality of the product can be judged from the fact that it is designed for zero discharge and acid neutralization.

White Fume Extraction System    

During the process of hot dip galvanization, white fumes get generated when steel/iron-made objects are dipped in the molten lava of zinc. The white fume comprises harmful chlorine and suspended ash particles.

The scientifically designed system helps in the removal of hazardous zinc oxide and ammonium chloride.

Benefits of the machine  

Here are the benefits of the environment-friendly product:

  • Increased productivity
  • Eliminates white fumes
  • Improved health of workers
  • Creates a safe and healthy environment

Furnace fume enclosure 

The brilliant system is designed for the abatement of white fumes that emanate during galvanization. This mechanized enclosure is connected with a dust-collecting cyclone. The latter is again connected with a wet scrubber or bag filter. Here hazardous fumes get cleaned and filtered, before eventually discharging them into the atmosphere.



Coming to benefits of this system, it is helpful in the following ways:

  • It lowers zinc consumption
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Minimizes health hazards
  • Saves workers from health risks          


In this era of rapid industrialization, galvanization is the need of the hour. However, a safe environment is also a vital necessity. Accordingly, a sustainable environment is required.

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