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Major Benefits of Chemical Storage Tanks For Industries

From pharmaceutical chemicals and refined fuel to fertilizers and raw materials used for manufacturing plenty of things, like sodium hydroxide and aluminium sulphate, industrial chemical storage tanks are used for a variety of applications.

Chemical storage tank supplier manufacture different types of industrial tanks. Choose the tank according to your industrial needs. Entering into deep dialogue to choose the apt tank serves the purpose.

How do chemical storage tanks help industries? What are the benefits of chemical storage tanks for industries?

Major benefits of chemical storage tanks supplied by chemical storage tank supplier

Here are the benefits of quality-driven chemical storage tanks for industries:

Improve onsite safety

Safety of the workforce and assets at sites ensures efficient production. Chemical spills and leaks are a serious threat to your industry. Choosing a meticulously designed chemical storage tank ensures health and safety requirements.

Manage environment protocols and threat

Spills and leaks pose a great threat to the environment. Local rules and regulations, if not followed could lead to massive penalties. Quality-driven chemical storage tanks help industries to successfully meet environmental threats and local rules. For in-depth information, connect with a leading chemical storage tank supplier in Ahmedabad.

If your industry isn’t following local environmental laws, sooner or later, you will be under their radar and be ready to face their wrath.

Maintain the integrity of the product

In the absence of a robust storage tank, sites pose a threat of contaminating both raw materials and finished products. Most chemicals are corrosive in nature. What does it mean? Unless a tank is resistant to corrosion, product contamination may take place. Therefore, it’s important to choose a tank that is designed to store chemicals.

Leading chemical storage tank supplier is equipped with technology and machines to roll out customized tanks. Why settle for quality when you have the option to choose the best?

How Does A Fume Extraction System Help Galvanizing Plant Manufacturers?

In this manufacturing industry-centric blog, we are going to highlight an important system, the fume extraction system, its importance for galvanizing plants, its salient features, etc.

Before we take a deep dive into the subject, it’s logical to learn about the exhaust extraction system.

Learning about the exhaust extraction system

A wide range of industrial processes creates and generates harmful fumes during different processes. The harmful fumes are present in a variety of forms, sanding, spraying, powder filling, grinding, welding, and chemical applications among others. The fumes, if not captured and extracted, lead to various repercussions, including health issues for the workforce and degradation of plant machinery.   

A portable fume extractor is a sophisticated system designed and engineered to pull fumes, dust, hazardous pollutants, and a host of other harmful particles into a contained filtration system. The scientifically designed system’s main objective is to remove harmful air pollutants.

Why is fume extraction system a must for hot-dip galvanization?

The hot dip galvanizing process has emerged as one of the most effective systems for galvanization. During the process of galvanization, white fumes get generated when metal-made items/ steel is dipped in the molten lava of zinc. The fumes that get generated are extremely hazardous due to the presence of chlorine and suspended ash particles. Fume is harmful to health and the workforce. Furthermore, fumes deteriorate the overhead cranes and the shed life. Therefore, it makes sense to establish a system for fume abatement and discharge.

Components of a standard exhaust extraction system

A standard fume extraction system comprises a fume extraction hood (lip extraction duct, fixed fume enclosure, crane mounted enclosure), dust collecting cyclone (dust collector) that is connected to the wet scrubber, and a bag filter). The high efficiency system is designed for air filtration, clean air, air quality. It comprises extraction units for source capture.      

Working mechanism

Let’s now shift our focus towards the working mechanism of the important system for capturing fumes. Many of you are curious to learn its mechanism. The anti-pollution system has fume extraction. The sturdy hood is attached to dust collecting cyclones. Harmful heavy ash particles that are present inside the zinc fume settle down at the bottom of the cyclone. This cyclone is connected with the zinc fume wet scrubbers. Cyclone is designed to function as a cleaner and filter. Here fumes are cleaned and filtered and eventually released into the environment with the help of a stack.

Benefits and advantages of the exhaust extraction system

The high-end exhaust extraction system is providing numerous benefits to manufacturing companies, these include: 

  • Increased productivity
  • Eliminates white fumes
  • Improved health of workers
  • Creates a safe and healthy environment

This scientifically designed fume extraction system is also known as the white fume extraction system as during the galvanization process white fumes get extracted. Furthermore, mobile fume extractors are also available in the market that ensures healthy working environments and breathing zone  

Industries where a fume extraction system is widely used

There are numerous industries wherein the exhaust removal systems are used to control pollution in the manufacturing setup, including:

  • Galvanization
  • Textile
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Foundries
  • Welding
  • Laser cutting
  • Cement
  • Steel

An exhaust extraction system is beneficial for a number of jobs

With an efficient anti-pollution system, a wide range of jobs are perfumed, including: 

  • Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Spraying
  • Sanding
  • Chemical Applications
  • Smelting
  • Brazing
  • Molding
  • Welding


The exhaust extraction system is an amazing product that helps industries in playing their bit toward a healthy environment. Sustainable development is the need of the hour and it’s a brilliant move to install a fume extraction system.

An Insight to High Quality Chemical Storage Tanks!

Liquid chemicals must be stored in a safe and secured manner. Else, it may result in some hazards and have negative consequences on the environment. Companies working with chemicals need to store their chemicals for research and production. They must store their items in such a way that it does not contaminate the surrounding environment.

Storing Corrosive Chemicals Still Remains No More a Big Challenge

Storing corrosive chemicals nowadays remains no more a big challenge today. With high quality chemical storage tanks belonging to variable sizes, it has become easy for companies to select the most suitable option for storing chemicals. Want to know the way storage tanks vary? Here it is!

Chemical tanks are regarded as the first method of controlling aggressive and reactive chemical reactions. Thus, companies must shake hands with a reliable manufacturer of storage tanks to ensure high safety. With a plethora of choices available, it will become easy to select the most suitable chemical tank that is suitable for coping with various types of chemicals followed by preventing damage to the environment.

How is a Chemical Storage Tank Manufactured?

What a chemical storage tank is made up of? It is manufactured using highly resistant materials that are specifically resistant to corrosive chemicals. Approaching a reputed supplier may let you come across a wide variety of tanks that include polyethylene tank and plastic storage tank.

Such tanks are known for operating within mechanical requirements of the application. To be precise, they will be compatible enough to store all types of chemicals. High quality storage tanks will be able to withstand factors that include:

  • Extreme temperature especially in case of liquid nitrogen
  • Extreme heat
  • Easy transportation of chemicals from one place to another
  • Pressure

Companies looking for eco-friendly storage tanks that will be able to contain chemicals along with their bi-products will benefit from an exporter having a good reputation in Ahmedabad and other parts of India. Also, such tanks will serve among economical options as they will help in saving on overheads of the company.

How Can You Choose the Right Type of Chemical Storage Tank?

Choosing the right type of chemical storage tank today remains no more a daunting task as there is much documentation to assist buyers. It is easy to get latest and updated information from the chemical profile report. It will provide the majority of information about that particular chemical.

Chemical storage tanks are highly crucial for containing highly hazardous chemicals. With a wide range of fluid containment tanks available in the market, making the right selection is now a small piece of toast.

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