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In the hot dip galvanizing facility where steel materials are subjected to a series of treatments, effluent is generated in the form of spent acid and wash water from degreasing, pickling, and fluxing units. Corrotech designs specialized Effluent Treatment Plant for treating the effluent by considering the characteristics of the generated effluent.


Owing to our huge infrastructure and domain expertise, we are able to manufacture and supply premium quality ETP plants that meet the exact requirement of your galvanizing unit. Considering the key characteristics like the flow rate as well as physical, chemical, and biological characteristics, we come up with a design that gives optimum treatment efficiency. The ETP Plants constructed by Corrotech comply with the industry-laid parameters.

Effluent Treatment Plants by Corrotech ensure efficient handling of spent acid and acid rinse as it is equipped with modern technology to perform treatment in every phase. Corrotech’s ETP plants are equipped with a set of state-of-art systems that take complete care of no spillages on earth, the storage of sludge in the landfill, and the end treated effluent meeting the standards prescribed by CPCB.

Equipment Design

  • Performance complies with the norms of pollution control regulations
  • Designed to neutralize spent acid generated out of pickling process
  • Capacities range from 3KL/day to 10 KL/day and more to suit plant needs
  • Semi automatic filter press to suit the plant capacities
  • Special media filter to soften the water at the outlet of filter press
  • Polypropylene pumps and tanks for chemical treatment
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to clean

Benefits and Cost Savings

  • Compliance to statutory requirements
  • Low TDS, BOD, COD in the final treated liquid
  • Tailored to remove oil, grease and other impurities along with acid
  • Multi stage purification and filtration system
  • Automatic operation and less human intervention
  • Safe and easy to operate
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