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It is significant to keep upthe temperature of the flux solution in the range of 60 to 800C before galvanizing. The flux solution in this temperature range result in less zinc splashes, less ash formation, and forming a less homogeneous layer over the surface of the material. Corrotech designs,high quality flux heating system that uniformly heats the flux across the tank and has the automatic temperature control ability, resulting in efficient fluxing.


Our design of the flux heating system consists of a multi-tube pipe type heat exchanger (heating coil) and is made of seamless SS 316Ltubes. The heat exchanger usesthe hot quenching water from the quench tank to heat the flux solution. The quenching water at 800C is circulated in the multi-tube heat exchanger that is installed over the side of the flux tankto heat the flux to the required temperature.The heat exchanger is protected by a polypropylene perforated sheet to avoid any damage due to dipping of steel parts.

Owing to the efficient design by Corrotech, the flux solution gets uniformly heated by the coil, unlike the traditional design that allows installing a heat exchanger at only one end of the tank. Apart from aiding in high-quality galvanizing, one of the major advantages of our heating system is that it is maintenance-free. Due to our simple design, the scaling deposition can be cleaned easily and does not block the water flow.

Equipment Design

  • Multi tube pipe type heat exchanger
  • Made from of seamless anticorrosive tubes
  • Designed for temperatures, pressures, and capacities as per process need
  • Automatic temperature control system
  • Over the counter mounting across the side of the tank
  • Perforated polypropylene sheet to protect the coil

Benefits and Cost Savings

  • No auxiliary heating required
  • Fuel savings
  • Preheating of black material
  • Improved product quality
  • Temperature uniformity across the tank resulting in efficient fluxing

Heat Recovery from Quench Tank

Lip type

Corrotech designs multi tube pipe type heat exchanger for efficient heating of flux solution. The multitube heat exchanger is designed for temperatures, pressures, and capacities as per process need. We protect the system by using a perforated polypropylene sheet to prevent any accidental damage. The heat coil is mounted over the side of the tank for easy removal, cleaning and maintenance.

Hot Water Generator

Lip type

Corrotech supplies fully automatic high yield hot water generator for flux heating using a heat exchanger. The HWG is designed for soft working without the risk of thermal shock. The fuel variants include gas, oil and dual fuel with burner capacities range from 130 to 3200 kW. The system benefits the process by a faster temperature rise in the flux temperature resulting in fuel savings and improved product quality.

Heat Exchangers

Lip type

Corrotech supplies PVDF heat exchanger used for efficient heating of flux that is mounted over the ends of the flux tanks. The heat exchanger is compact in design and gives a higher rate of transfer. The heat exchanger could be used as a part of heat recovery system that uses hot quench water for heating the flux solution.

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