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Special quality plates are used to manufacture high-quality zinc kettle that are customized to suit the site preferences of the galvanizing plant. Our specialized zinc kettle with round edges and corners is specifically designed to give high life to kettle and ensure lesser generation of zinc dross.


Zinc Kettle by Corrotech delivers long life when used with Corrotech’s range of Pulse Fired Velocity Furnaces. The zinc kettle has robust structures that can last a lifetime of 9 to 10 years even with very high production rate. If used properly by following the usage standards suggested by us, the kettle is likely to last even for a longer period. During fabrication, the corners of the kettle are curved as a result of pressing. The purpose of this is to move the weld from the corner which is a point of complex stress concentration to a relatively simple side wall connection. The steel used for making the zinc kettle has low silicon, phosphorous and carbon to limit the interaction between zinc and iron thereby lowering the wearing rate of the kettle wall.

We ensure high strength of kettle by insulating the bottom using refractory casting and fiber, by protecting the sides from bulging by using high-temp resistant support, and by electroslag welding and radiography testing. Moreover, all the joints and mild steel plates guarantees corrosion resistance, providing high material strength.

Equipment Design

  • Produced from steel from fully killed continuously cast slabs with aluminium.
  • Minimum silicon content, weldable with a low carbon equivalent.
  • Weld material at joints is compatible with the parent plate to allow high rate of depositions.
  • Ultrasonically tested for discontinuities, eg laminations and weld cracks.
  • All corners and edges are radiused.
  • Kettle thickness ranges from 40mm, 50mm and 60mm.
  • Dross protection layers at the bottom.
  • Heat shields to prevent kettle corners from erosion.

Benefits and Cost Savings

  • High kettle life when operated within the parameters.
  • Low wearing rate.
  • Lower dross formation.
  • Radiused corners has an edge on sharp joints and allow more room for zinc flow.
  • Easy of dross removal.
  • Faster and easy kettle replacement.
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