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It has become inevitable to have proper acid fume capture and abatement facility in a galvanizing plant as toxic fumes are released in the process. Owing to our great engineering experience and domain expertise, Corrotech is able to design efficient abatement system for acid fumes.


Corrotech’s acid abatement system is based on enclosing the pretreatment area or the acid tank in a separate room. The enclosed room could efficiently separate the process area where acid fumes are generated from the surrounding operational areas. It ensures safety and prevents damage by keeping the operators, overhead crane, and even the support steel structure of the tanks in clean air. This is one of the most innovative concepts by Corrotech lending almost cent percent efficiency for acid fume removal in hot dip galvanizing environment.

Equipment Design

  • Standalone enclosure mounted on a robust steel structure
  • Enclosure room is made using polypropylene sheets
  • Motorized door for incoming material
  • Cranes run outside the encapsulated area
  • Equipped with roof lights, viewing windows, emergency exits, etc.
  • Roofs sealing arrangement

Benefits and Cost Savings

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • High shed life by preventing its corrosion due to acid fumes
  • Eliminates air pollution
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminates safety and health risks from the workplace

Pretreatment rooms lend two major advantages :–
• You can ensure work efficiency while ensuring worker safety and environmental compliance.
• You can preserve other plant components and structures in the plants, safeguarding the initial investment. Corrotech provide versatile pretreatment rooms that provides great process performance while maintaining top-notch process quality.

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