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Acid fume capture and abatement is a significant aspect in every hot dip galvanizing plant. Acid Fume Extraction system absorbs the acidic/toxic fumes from the pickling tanks and thereby prevent the toxic fumesfrom spreading on the floor and from causing pollution.


Owing to our excellence, experience, and expertise in the domain, Corrotech critically designs suction ducts for your plant at a predetermined velocity rate that gives optimum effectiveness. Our excellent suction ducts are manufactured using Polypropylene and are fitted using our well-equipped workshop to lend uncompromised performance. The pickling tanks are connected to a common header that transfers fume to a wet scrubber. The wet scrubber is specially designed to provide excellent pollution control and ensures efficient removal of fumes.

Corrotech offers complete engineering solution for fume extraction that precisely suits your fume removal requirements, volume, and budget. From suggesting you the best-fit extraction system setup to installation and commissioning assistance, we have got you covered.

Equipment Design

  • Designed for ZERO discharge and acid neutralization
  • Equipped with powerful, energy-efficient fans and high-quality scrubbing media
  • Packing media includes rings and saddles in various materials
  • Wet spray system to remove toxicity
  • Non-clogging spray nozzles for wetting packing

Benefits and Cost Savings

  • Minimize risk and health hazard
  • Increase life of roof structure and cranes by eliminating corrosion
  • Lower plant maintenance by reducing failures in electrical components
  • Prevents unpleasant odor
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