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Corrotech’s range of pretreatment tanks is highly reliable and modular, providing premium quality and robust structure. Based on the industry requirement, we offer pretreatment tanks of specific sizes for degreasing, pickling, rinsing and fluxing of black steel. We offer a comprehensive solution for pretreatment tanks as well as stand-alone tanks with their support structure and required special coatings.


Corrotech is a leading supplier and manufacturer of pretreatment tanks who has long-standing collaborating with some of the most competent service providers so that we can fabricate robust tanks and make it optimally functional in your galvanizing plant. Our tanks are fabricated using high-quality Polypropylene (PP) or Fiber Resin Plastic (FRP) and hence provides best-in-class shock resistance, mechanical resistance, and fire resistance. The support frames are fabricated using RHS (Rectangular Hollow Sections) and coated with FRP to resist acid exposure. Moreover, we use RITA 3 (Roechling Integrated Tank Design) software to design our tanks and adhere to the manufacturing practice laid in the DVS Technical Codes (standards of Welding Society).

To ensure the durability of the tank, Corrotech has developed this unique ability in FOLD bending the PP sheets, adding more strength to the tank. The key highlight of pretreatment tanks is that Corrotech is the only company to use “Butt Fusion” technique to weld the end walls and main body of the tank, giving a long life to the weld seams and thereby reducing the risk of leakage or tank failure. As a responsible international brand, we also ensure that our design is not just robust but also environment-friendly.

Equipment Design

  • Solid polypropylene shell reinforced with steel
  • Butt fusion weld joints at side and end wall
  • Tough and has strong weld joints
  • Designed to the DVS 2205
  • Constructed as per BS EN 12573 Standards
  • Excellent abrasion resistance

Benefits and Cost Savings

  • Indestructible tanks
  • Require almost no maintenance
  • Easy to modify and repair
  • Long tank life. Butt joints are 30% stronger than extrusion weld
  • Greater strength at corners
  • Resistance to aggressive chemicals, corrosion and rust
Degreasing Tank

Degreasing Tank

Corrotech designs and manufactures degreasing tanks from polypropylene sheets that is supported by robust steel frame structure coasted with FRP. Caustic solution is used in these tanks to remove Organic surface contaminants, such as oils and some paint.

Pickling Tank

Pickling tanks are used to remove rust and any mill scale. Corrotech designs polypropylene tanks as per the current guideline laid in DVS 2205. These tanks contain aggressive chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid.

Pickling Tank
Flux Tank

Flux Tank

Corrotech designs,high quality flux tanks that uniformly heats the flux solution across the tank and has the automatic temperature control ability, resulting in efficient fluxing.

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