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The hot dip galvanizing process generates white fumes when steel is dipped in the molten zinc. The fumes that are released are extremely hazardous due to presence of chlorine and suspended ash particles. If inhaled, it may also be considered harmful for health. Also, they deteriorate the overhead cranes and the shed life. Hence, it becomes apparent to establish a system for fume abatement and discharge.


Corrotech designs high-performance fume extraction system that fits your specific industrial needs. Our design helps you meet the health and safety regulations, pollution control rules, and OSHA regulations. They help remove the fine particles of zinc oxide and ammonium chloride emitted out of the galvanizing baths. Being a top-notch turnkey galvanizing plant supplier, we understand your requirement precisely and provide robust zinc fume extract system that fits your needs and provide maximum efficiency.

Our zinc fume extraction system consists of a fume extraction hood (which comes in three forms – lip extraction duct, fixed fume enclosure, crane mounted enclosure), dust collecting cyclone connected to the wet scrubber, and a bag filter.

Equipment Design

  • Complies with local and global environmental regulations
  • Meets pollution control norms, ISO and OSHA limit values
  • Dust collection system
  • Scrubber designed for Zero discharge
  • Second stage mist eliminator to remove moisture prior to exhaust discharge
  • Efficient blowers having acid resistant SS impeller coated with epoxy lining

Benefits and Cost Savings

  • Increased productivity
  • Low emission of particulate matter
  • Eliminates white fumes from the shop floor
  • Improved health and safety of workmen
  • Maintain neat and clean workplace

Lip Type Extraction

Lip type

The galvanizing furnace is mounted with lip-type suction ducts on the sides of the kettle. The ducts are rectangular in shape and are placed laterally over the sides of the furnace using support structures. As soon as the white fumes are generated, the suction ducts extract them.

The dimension of the suction slots depends on the area of extraction and the amount in which fumes are released. The height of the ducts is sufficient enough to efficiently drag the fumes out of the furnace. Gradually, the area of suction ducts is reduced to prevent the friction losses. The ducts are made up of thick mild steel sheet and are painted with temperature resistant paint.

Wet Scrubber with Cyclone

Lip type

The zinc fumes are now passed through the dust collecting cyclone. Dust Collecting Cyclones are simple tanks with no moving parts and are used for the separation of dust. Corrotech design dust collecting cyclone that consists of an air inlet, an air outlet, an outer shell, and the cone at bottom with dust chute that further connects to a collection bin with flex hose. The zinc fumes enter the cyclone through the inlet, spins around and eventually results in clean air that exits through the cyclone outlet.

After removal of dust particles, the fumes are now passed through a wet scrubber. Corrotech designs high-performance wet scrubber that is based on ZERO DISCHARGE and lends excellent air pollution control, eliminating the toxic/acidic fumes from the exhaust air stream. As the name suggests, wet scrubbers scrub the air streams by removing toxic particles using water. Contaminated acid fumes are directed to flow in a specially designed packing that is wetted with re-circulated liquid which absorbs the fume pollutant.

Bag Filters

Lip type

Corrotech designs advanced industrial bag filters that allow to safely release the fumes in the atmosphere. The zinc fumes enter uniformly from the bottom end by the side distribution chamber. As it enters, the heavier particles drop immediately into the hopper at the bottom and the lighter particles rise in the upward direction and are collected on the outer part of the tubular bags. The clean air is passed through the fabric and is collected to the fan by the outlet-side chamber and filter top plenum.

With the air stream passing from the bag filter, it becomes clean enough so that we can release it safely in the atmosphere. Corrotech’s bag filters are designed to perform automatic bag cleaning by the emission of a burst of compressed air by solenoid valves into the filter bags.

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