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Fume Extraction System: An Environment-Friendly Product

Over the years, demand for fume extraction system has witnessed a substantial rise, considering its impact and benefits for industries. As the name indicates, it is designed to help in fume abatement. It essentially comprises dust dust-collecting cyclone and a wet scrubber (bag filter).

Fumes are collected in a dust-collecting cyclone which is connected with a wet scrubber. Fumes are cleaned and duly filtered before eventually being disposed of in the atmosphere.

Unique features of a premium quality fume extraction system

The market is flooded with manufacturers offering the machine to control pollution at manufacturing premises. However, quality makes a difference. How to identify and measure quality?

Consider the following features before finalizing the product:

  • Uniform fume extraction
  • Efficient
  • Splash proof
  • Easy to access for skimming
  • Viewing windows having toughened glasses fixed over a steel frame
  • Sturdy design

Besides, remember to raise queries about the durability of the system to ensure its cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of installing fume extraction system on industry premises

Why industries shouldn’t think twice about installing the pro-environment system?

Here are the reasons to corroborate the fact:

  • Lowers fuel consumption
  • Eliminates safety and health risks occurring due to hazardous fumes
  • Eliminates the possibility of serious nature in case of zinc splash
  • Increased life of roof structure and cranes eliminating any possibility of corrosion
  • Prevents unpleasant odor

In addition, installation of the scientifically designed machine ensures increased shed life as contamination and corrosion are reduced substantially.

Custom-designed fume extraction system

A few prominent companies in Ahmedabad hold expertise in delivering custom-designed products. According to your industrial requirements, they can design and engineer the product. If you think, standard designs don’t suit your industry, then it’s time to get the custom machine. Never settle for quality.

If you have even an iota of concern for the environment, then install the fume extraction system now!

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