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What is the importance of a furnace fume extraction system in manufacturing?

In this industrial blog, we are going to highlight an important product, the furnace fume extraction systemits significance in manufacturing industries, salient features, applications, and a host of others. Many of you might have heard about the word, furnace. Industrial furnaces are sophisticated products with multiple benefits for industries.Moving forward, let’s learn about the machine in simple language. 

furnace fume extraction system

What is a furnace fume extraction system?      

In this era of rapid industrialization, this mechanized product has assumed significance. Numerous industries generate harmful and damaging fumes during various processes in their production lines. The fumes are released in the working environment in different forms during sanding, spraying, powder filling, grinding, welding, and chemical applications among others. 

The harmful fumes if not captured and extracted from the environment lead to various effects, including health issues among the workforce and degradation of plant machinery. 

A mechanized and innovation-driven furnace fume extraction system is engineered to fetch and extract fumes, dust, pollutant, and a host of other damaging particles into a filtration system. 

The picture is crystal clear now, we believe. The system is primarily manufactured to remove harmful air pollutants. 

Why does the galvanizing process require a furnace fume extraction system? 

Over the years, given the benefits of galvanization, the process has assumed massive significance. A wide range of industries is employing the process of galvanization for galvanizing various products. The hot-dip galvanizing process is one of the most effective systems for galvanization. 

During the process of galvanization, molten zinc lava is created wherein iron metal-made items, like a rod, pipes, wires, etc. are immersed to apply a coating of zinc. When the metal is immersed inside the molten lava, white fumes in substantial quantities are released into the environment. These fumes are extremely harmful, since chlorine and suspended ash particles are present. As a result, it is extremely harmful to health and the environment. Subsequently, the furnace fume extraction system has become integral to the galvanization industry. Fumes generated during galvanization, destroy the overhead cranes and shed life. Therefore, it’s imperative to use the system.        

Industrial processes using the environment-friendly product     

A wide range of manufacturing processes are drawing benefits from the incredible system, these include Cutting, Grinding, Spraying, Sanding, Chemical Applications, Smelting, Brazing, Molding, etc. 

Industries that draw benefits from the product  

Furnace manufacturers are manufacturing a wide range of furnace fume extraction systems for the benefit of different industries. These include: 

  • Galvanization
  • Textile
  • Chemical 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Foundries 
  • Welding 
  • Laser cutting 
  • Cement 
  • Steel 

Custom-designed furnace fume extraction system 

A few manufacturers in Ahmedabad hold the expertise to deliver custom-made solutions. Your industrial requirements, dimensions, specifications, etc. are taken into consideration. A team of expert engineers and technicians holds meetings with you before making a layout of the design. This layout is shared with the client. The client goes through the layout provided. When they are convinced that the layout fits their custom requirement, it is provided to the production debarment. Under the guidance of senior production engineers, the product is finally produced.  


There are no dearth furnaces manufacturers in the market. Only buy the product from established manufacturers, since quality makes the difference. Are you looking for a furnace fume extraction system in Ahmedabad? Don’t go anywhere? End your search with Arvind Corrotech.            

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