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What material should I choose for acid storage tanks?

Acid storage tank manufacturers are manufacturing a wide range of acid storage tanks for storing various types of industrial acids. The market is flooded with tanks made of a different material. Every material has its own benefits and disadvantages. Business owners face issues galore in choosing the ideal acid tank for their industry. In this blog, we are going to focus on similar pivotal issues.                   

Before we take a deep dive into the subject, it makes sense to learn about the unique features of a quality-driven.     

acied storage tank

Salient features of quality-driven acid storage tanks   

Every business searches for quality acid storage tanks since quality tanks by established acid storage tank manufacturers have a wide range of benefits and manufacturers. What are those benefits? For the benefit of readers, we are sharing those features:              

  • Corrosion resistant 
  • A protective cover prevents bumps 
  • The matching lock cover protects  
  • Recyclable 
  • Safe to use 
  • Resin rich surface 
  • Reliable 
  • Integral leg supports
  • Durable 

Consider these features, when you place your order with a famous industrial tank manufacturer in Ahmedabad. Don’t forget to evaluate the acid tank, you are all set to buy on the above parameters. 

Let’s now shift our gear to the core subject. 

What material should I choose for acid storage tanks?      

Acid storage tank manufacturers are using different types of materials for manufacturing acid storage tanks. Here are a few famous materials used to manufacture industrial acid tanks. 

Polyethylene tanks 

This material is generally less expensive. And has found usage in various industries. Whether it is linear (LLDPE or HDPE) or cross-linked (XLHDPE), polyethylene-made acid storage tanks are resistant to chemicals and abrasion. However, this material isn’t as strong as FRP. At the same time, it has a lower maximum temperature threshold, making it ideal for storing a few acids. Entering into a dialogue with a tank supplier will definitely help.   

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Tanks   

According to industry experts, FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) tanks are suitable for larger vessels, taller and narrower vessels, and elevated temperature applications. In this regard, you can connect with a few prominent acid storage tank manufacturers. FRP-made acid tanks by a leading tank supplier with certain durakane resins can handle up to 250°F for short periods without impacting the quality of the tank or vessel. Here, we would like to mention that FRP-made vessels aren’t ideal to store sulfuric acid. In this regard, you can connect with a few Tanks manufacturer for further info.   

Steel and high alloy tanks  

Metallic industrial storage tanks, like steel and high alloy tanks are designed for applications that require pressure ratings above atmospheric pressure. Having a discussion with the tank supplier will help you in learning about the product.           

Industrial storage tanks on the basis of design 

Some of the commonly used industrial storage tanks in industries are fixed-roof tanks, horizontal tanks, external floating roof tanks, internal floating roof tanks, pressure tanks, doomed external floating roof tanks, LNG tanks, and variable vapor space tanks.


Before finalizing the tank, share your requirement with acid storage tanks manufacturers. Only choose the tank that meets your requirement. Why settle for inferior quality, when you have the option to choose the best!  

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