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How do acid storage tanks benefit industries?

Manufacturing industries are showing a positive growth trajectory, riding on continued growth in economic activities globally. As industrial growth is going upward, the demand for acid storage tanks is also increasing. This is a positive sign for companies engaged in manufacturing industrial tanks in India.  

Acied storage tank

Learning about chemical storage tanks

These tanks are designed in a special way to minimize the ice crystallization process and other harmful effects during storage. These tanks are engineered to hold and store different types of liquids and gases at varying pressure and temperatures.  The special tanks are available in various shapes and sizes. As far as mounting is concerned, these tanks are mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Unique features of premium quality acid storage tank

In this section, we are going to talk about salient features of chemical storage tanksConsider these features while choosing storage tanks for your industry:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • A protective cover prevents bumps
  • The matching lock cover protects
  • Recyclable
  • Safe to use
  • Resin rich surface
  • Reliable
  • Integral leg supports
  • Durable

As far as costing is concerned, it varies from company to company. We recommend you compare costs before taking a final decision to buy the product.

Types of industrial storage tanks

Manufacturing industries are using a wide range of acid process tanks and industrial storage tanks for a wide range of objectives. Some of the commonly used storage tanks in manufacturing industries are fixed-roof tanks, horizontal tanks, external floating roof tanks, internal floating roof tanks, pressure tanks, doomed external floating roof tanks, LNG tanks, and variable vapor space tanks.

3 commonly used industrial storage tanks

In this important section, we are going to talk about 3 commonly used industrial tanks. These have been classified based on their storage objectives.

  • Liquid tanks
  • Bullet tanks
  • Bunded tanks

Liquid tanks

As indicated by the classification, these specially designed industrial chemical storage tanks are manufactured for safely storing volatile and non-volatile liquids industrial liquids. Given their importance and application in manufacturing industries, these are engineered by using robust raw materials combining the latest machines and tools. These can withstand corrosion and other harsh environmental conditions.

Bullet tanks

These types of acid process tanks are cylindrical in shape and are designed for bulk storage in large tanks. As far as applications are concerned, the bullet tanks are engineered for storing low melting points liquefied gases, for example, butane and ammonia.  These tanks can hold bulk quantities of gases under a temperature below – 148 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bunded tanks

This is a special type of industrial storage tank as these tanks possess a secondary containment tank on their outer side. What is the purpose behind the outer tanks? The outer tanks act as a catch system for preventing oil spills.  As oil spill leads to harmful effect on the environment, the protective layer adds to the robustness of the tank.

Custom-designed acid process tanks

A few leading acid process tank manufacturers in Ahmedabad hold the expertise to deliver custom-designed chemical storage tanks.  For your specific requirement, you can connect with a leading chemical storage tank manufacturing company. Never settle for less. Inferior quality wouldn’t serve any purpose.


Quality makes all the difference. Never compromise with the quality of the acid storage tank.

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