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5 important reasons why industries are using galvanized steel in their processes?

In this business-centric blog, we will emphasize an extremely important subject, galvanizing plants. A wide range of issues will be covered ranging from basic definitions to benefits of the industrial process.

Before we take a deep dive into the industrial subject, let’s make an effort to understand the industrial term which is our defining socio-economic life.

Learning about galvanization

What is galvanization? For many of you, it is a new term. Galvanization is a scientific process wherein a thin layer of zinc metal is applied to iron/steel-made objects to prevent them from corrosion.

Hot-dip galvanizing plant

galvanizing plant

According to experts, the most common method for galvanization is hot-dip galvanizing. Under this popular process, steel sections are dipped in a bath of molten zinc. The zinc layer acts as a shield and protects the metal from corrosion and in turn, increases its durability many times. Hot-dip galvanizing plants in Ahmedabad are tailor-made for the purpose. Galvanizing plant manufacturers are using the latest machines and tools to manufacture an excellent plant.

The three steps of the hot dip galvanizing plant

The hot dip galvanizing process comprises three major steps:

  • Surface preparation
  • Galvanizing
  • Inspection

How does the zinc layer protect iron structures?

There is a scientific reason. As zinc metal is hyperreactive, it reacts with air to form a hard layer of zinc oxide on the metallic structure. This layer works as a protective shield and prevents air from passing through it. Subsequently, protecting the iron/ steel from corrosion.

From basics, let’s now shift our focus to important reasons why industries galvanize steel?

Durable: Galvanization has been transforming many industries with its incredible feature. It multiplies the durability of the product many times.

A worthwhile investment: Initially it appears expensive, in the long run, it is a worthwhile investment. A galvanized structure lasts around 100 years.

The coating thickness depends upon the gauge of the metallic structure. The thickness of galvanization can be measured easily, whenever you wish. It is a non-destructive method…

Scientific process: Zinc oxide that acts as a protective layer occurs through a proven scientific process. It’s a natural metallurgical reaction.

Galvanizing is visible: Right from the beginning, galvanized steel structure starts showing its significance. Therefore, galvanizing is visible. It starts working from day one.

Complete coverage: Hot dip galvanizing helps in creating a very strong bond between zinc and steel. Thus it provides complete coverage, amazing strength, and durability. Owing to these features, the iron-made structures remain protected even during harsh weather conditions. 


Hot dip galvanized steel is engulfing all of us in many different forms. It is all around us. Numerous companies, industries, sectors, etc. are leveraging the phenomenon, including automobiles, railways, power transmission, windmills, infrastructure, etc. Over the years, it has become integral to our lifestyle, and rightly so. 

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What is the galvanizing process? What are the benefits of galvanization?

Galvanized products are all around. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that galvanization has become an integral part of our lives. Directly or indirectly, we come across hundreds of things in our day-to-day life inspired and manufactured through the process of galvanization. Who doesn’t travel by four-wheeler? It’s galvanized? Many of you might have traveled by aircraft. The air machine uses several parts with a galvanized coating. Wind Mills are providing wind energy for various objectives, be it electricity for households or manufacturing companies. Leveraging the galvanization process, wind mills’ durability is further strengthened.

Why does iron metal rust?

Iron has its intrinsic properties, when exposed to inclement weather, reacts with air and salt, and develops rust. In scientific terms, it’s called reduction and oxidation. You might have come across deteriorated iron railings at railway stations, power supply poles in your colony, etc. It’s all because of rust. Another classic example is an iron-made ship. A ship is continuously exposed to saline seawater.               

Moving forward, let’s understand the galvanization!

What is the galvanizing process?

According to industry experts, galvanization is a sophisticated process wherein a protective zinc coating is applied on iron or steel and tools fabricated using metal. Hot-dip galvanization is the most sought-after process for conducting galvanizing process. A few companies are providing hot-dip galvanizing plants in Ahmedabad, India.

Over the years, hot-dip plant technology has witnessed numerous innovations. It’s been a blessing in disguise for various industries depending on galvanization, including shipping, road, energy, and construction.

Industry experts have rightly called the galvanizing furnace the heart of a hot-dip galvanizing plant. An ideal furnace is identified with a few salient features, including energy efficiency, durability, and performance.

To further understand the process, it’s pertinent to take a deep dive into the subject. Under the hot-dip galvanization process, a metal-made rod or any tool that requires galvanization is immersed in a bath of molten zinc. It leads to a metallurgical chemical reaction. A multi-layered coating of zinc-iron alloy and zinc metal emerges. It’s because of a diffusion process. As a result, the galvanized coating is perpendicular to our surfaces. Owing to this feature, uniform thickness is created across the metal surface.

Benefits of galvanization process

It’s time to shift gear! What are the advantages of the galvanized steel? Let’s understand the benefits of galvanization:

Galvanization stands for longevity

That’s right! Galvanization amplifies durability to a great extent. This is one of the major reasons why hot-dip galvanizing plants in Ahmedabad are in huge demand not only across India but also overseas. Any idea about the thickness of zinc coating applied on metal during the process of galvanization? You would be shocked to know that the thickness of the coating is – 85 microns. For readers’ benefit, let’s interpret it further with an ordinary example. The thickness of the zinc layer is equivalent to the thickness of an A4 size sheet. This tiny thickness layer has the strength to protect the metal structure for nearly 100 years. Is it? Yes! This clearly reflects the impact created by galvanization. So, next time when you visit a photocopier for a photocopy, just check an A4 size paper!


People often cast aspersion over galvanization. It has nothing to do with quality or benefits. They think it’s beyond the reach of ordinary businessmen. It’s too expensive, needs a fat budget to execute. The real picture is –if you consider the durability provided by hot-dip galvanization to the structure, then it has been found, it’s affordable and can benefit industries of various domains.

Practically proven

Our lives revolve around galvanized structures galore, from morning to evening. There are many transport and foot over bridges world over constructed decades ago still existing in brilliant condition. This is a classic example proving the durability of galvanization. Galvanization is reliable! So, next time when someone says a hot-dip galvanizing plant in Ahmedabad can save metal for 100 years, trust him!

It’s scientific

The process of galvanization isn’t a miracle in any way; it’s a proven scientific process that occurs through metallurgical reaction. This clearly demonstrates – it’s reliable! Nothing fabricated or a figment of imagination. 

Galvanization is sustainable

Sounds a bit interesting! Yes, if you are inclined towards the environment, you would appreciate galvanization. Galvanization has been found highly sustainable as it produces minimal waste.

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